Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rules violations are rules violations, no excuses

While I love to have people on our side in the law making process, this kind of thing is not what we need.  A state senator from Arizona playing show and tell in a room full of people doesn't make the gun community look good and it doesn't make proponents of carry happy.  Your gun goes in your holster at the beginning of the day and out at the end.  Unless you have a specific reason to handle it in the middle at some point, then don't touch.  Show and tell is not a good reason.  That is for private time in a controlled environment.

If a laser sight is pointed at someone, then the gun is pointed at them.  That person is in danger regardless of if you are touching a trigger.  You've violated one or more of the major rules.  What happened is that you handled your firearm in an environment that you cannot control.  Someone walking in front of your muzzle in this situation is still your fault.  This is how tragedy occurs and just imagine what you have given gun control proponents if something happens.  That's a gift wrapped gun control law waiting to happen.

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