Thursday, July 14, 2011

Honor, Dedication and Technology - Story of the recent Medal of Honor recipient

This is just a really cool story from beginning to end.  The reporters account of meeting the Medal of Honor recipient is humorous, touching and respectful.  As I read on, though, and learned of how excited the soldier is about the attachments for his new bionic hand I just knew I had to share.  Bow hunting release attachment?  Attachment for culinary knives?  What a great way to give a hero his life back (and pretty amazing, too).

Then, there is his account of the story.  It is so difficult to grasp the kind of person that deals with this kind of thing with such amazing resolve.  This is a great read.

"Enough people telling me I can't do it anymore, I should probably listen to them. And that's when I found out, when they cut off my uniform, that I was shot through both legs."

What a truly amazing person.


  1. Yes it is. Heroes walk among us. God bless them!

  2. If there is one thing that has a direct line to my heartstrings, it is the men and women that serve and seeing them honored. I always get something in my eye.

  3. Just... damn.

    Pretty dusty in here today.