Monday, July 1, 2013

Shoddy police work (and bad decision making)

Follow that up with an arrest caused soley by law enforcement's poor
judgement and you have quite the trifecta of incompetence.

When the decisions you make daily are backed with a gun on your hip,
you should weigh them very heavily. I support law enforcement a lot
and know it can be a tough job. However, situations like this are
just ways to get lots of people
hurt. First, it was Detroit with the faux purse snatcher getting
drawn on by the very real FBI agent.

and now...

Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control can't tell the difference between
sparkling water and beer. Because, you know, alcoholic beverages are
their raison d'etre.

That sounds like a potentially very dangerous situation. Also, VA is
a very lax carry state so this could have gone very badly. It also
makes me wonder how they're profiling people they don't think should
be buying alcohol. "Hey, they look young let's bum rush them wearing
no easily identifiable clothing." What could possibly go wrong?


  1. Caught the sparkling-water story on Yahoo earlier today. While I never believe that any news article contains ALL the news (or even a quarter of it), my gut instinct is still to side with the college kids on this one. Heat of the moment, group of college kids getting blind-sided by a bunch of plain-clothes, doing absolutely nothing that might plant a "this is illegal, I hope nobody's gonna find out" seed of doubt, multiple cops yelling at them from multiple sides of the vehicle...yeah, I can see someone getting scared/frustrated and doing the wrong thing. Unless I mis-read the article, it happened mid-day, so if a cop didn't hold his badge steady against a windshield or window, its easy to imagine a quick flash of a badge would be missed by a panicked student. In that case, a car full of coeds surrounded by screaming people with no apparent LEO markings, I too would have floored it and contacted 911 to figure out what was going on.

    1. I follow you, Rabid. My first instinct is to always think, what did they do to cause this? In this case absolutely nothing. I think law enforcement also needs to come to grips with the fact that yelling "police" and flashing some wallet doesn't hold a lot of weight (see every Fletch movie ever made) and criminals are using that tactic as well. In this instance as with a lot of them, simply approaching the subject in a non-threatening manner could have saved a lot of trouble. Or, I don't know, read the box they are carrying.

    2. *gasp* Read the box? You mean...they should have....I dunno....KNOWN THE PRODUCTS THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE MONITORING THE SALES OF???? I got carded once for buying a bottle of lemonaid, the clerk thought it was a wine cooler. No problem, just a cashier in a general store, I wouldn't really expect him to be an expert on everything in the store. But if you're going to be busting people and throwing around the weight of the law, you really should bone up on the subject matter. And shouldn't there have been someone IN the store, observing the purchase? Wouldn't the fact that the clerk didn't card them (or, as in my case, there was a brief conversation about "why are you carding me for a bottle of lemonaid? Did it ferment while in the stockroom?" Yeah...clerk got a chuckle out of that after taking a closer look at the label) ring a bell that, hey, maybe this is a legit purchase? I dunno. Just seems like someone was itchin for a bust, and jumped the wrong car. Oops....what was that sound? Your cover being blown? Oh, my.

  2. I agree, the girls DID do the right thing under the circumstances, and I'd have probably hauled ass too if I saw a bunch of guys trying to get into my vehicle. The proof is she immediately called 911, and immediately pulled over when a MARKED car pulled behind her. This also smacks of JBT territory, yet again, with the lack of raid jackets, etc. Sooner or later there WILL be a shooting/shoot out because these cowboys will pick on the wrong person.

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