Sunday, May 12, 2013

More thanks and happy mommy's day

This thanks goes out to Miss K.  Take a trip over to Miss Ks World.  I will warn you, it's what I call a time vampire.  You'll go to check it out a little and next thing you know you've been there for a long time.  She makes me laugh.

Also, happy mommy's day to Miss K and all those moms out there.  I hope it's incredible.


  1. I checked her out, she really picks the best of the funny and snarky on the web to post daily. I laughed my head off at the "nessie one". Thanks!

    1. That one made me chuckle. That and I have a soft spot for conservative Canadians. After all, I married one.

    2. You're welcome Miss K. Not very many places make me laugh and blush, lol.

  2. I'm just seeing this :-) Thank you so much for the warm welcome 45er... and the praises. I like knowing that I can make people smile... I'm blushing ;-)