Friday, May 17, 2013

Bear Attacks

There have been a few of them in the news lately.  There was this one in Canada and I'm not sure exactly what was going on with this guy.  Instead of getting a good defense ready, we're on the phone.  I dunno.  Oh, Canada - guns are taboo.
Not an attack, but That Guy sent me this story and the part that baffles me is that the lady decides to jump in her car and go looking for the bear.  I dunno.  To me, that's how attacks generally happen.  People pushing animals by trying to get too close.
This one from Wisconsin takes the cake, though.  A guy is attacked by a bear.  The wife goes and gets a shotgun.  Yay!  Good bear defense.  Then clubs the bear with it.  Huh?
Turns out she didn't know how to load it.  I guess Joe Biden is proved wrong again.  Probably because he doesn't know jack squat about shotguns in general.  Poor Joe. 
At one time I was guilty of taking my wife (or new people in general) to the range and just wanting to get them excited about shooting.  So, after the safety rules we started shooting.  I went to the range like I always do, mags all loaded to save time for shooting.  Then, I realized my mistake.  I wasn't teaching them to fish.
I started teaching mag loading and manipulation consistenly after that.  It's not the glamorous, fun part of shooting but it's just as important as trigger press.  I also realized that talking about and teaching firearm manipulation may have more exciting to the new people than I realized. 
If you have guns in the house, teaching momma how to load the shotgun may just save you.
Lots of bear activity lately.  I wonder if they make an ankle holster for a .500 S&W?


  1. Good questions, and if they DID make an ankle holster for a .500, you'd be dragging that leg... :-)

    1. I know, NFO, but I'm the kind that would want to try it just because. I'm that guy that puts every piece of tac gear on every exposed rail for fun because it's ridiculous and makes me laugh.

  2. Still - I give the lady credit for having the gumption to go after the bear with it as a club. . :-)

    1. I'm with you on that, Brigid. That falls under the "fight, no matter what category." I'll bet she knows how to use it now, though. :)