Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hello/Welcome/Thank You

Hello and welcome to justcook and dakotas5.  Justcook seems to have quite a nice little blog involving culinary arts.  What's more interesting than that is I saw a post for breaking down a deer and making acorn flour.  Not your typical cooking posts, there.  dakotas5 has a new blog and appears to have fire in the belly.  I'd like to thank both for clicking the follow button and I hope it is an enjoyable experience.  If you're interested, swing over to the follower section and click on them and check out their place.

I have to say that my follower count doesn't make sense, so if I missed you because I don't see you thanks for following somewhere.  If you're following super-secret-anonymously, well thanks for that, too.  I welcome all.

Also, in the line of thanks, I'd like to thank Craig over at keepitsimplesurvival for linking me.  I really appreciate anyone that thinks well enough of the writing to send people over.  Thanks very much.


  1. Thanks for pointing out those blogs. The how-to butcher a deer post was awesome. Like you, it is neat to see how others process their own deer! Tahnks for sharing

  2. LB - You're welcome. It has me thinking of doing a "how to" myself from quartering/breaking down through the cutting up stage. If there is interest, I can even do a field dressing "how to". Goodness knows I've only done hundreds of deer, so I have little tips that could help. I will probably learn something as well from the comments I get. I love learning little tricks to make things easier.