Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shotty 1, Bad Guys 0

I have never been an advocate of the line of reasoning that "the sound of a shotgun will send someone running".  I agree it is very likely to occur, but if you are in harm's way you'd better be chambering a live round to stop a threat, not pumping a shotgun just to sound scary.  On the other hand, apparently sometimes that sound is enough to scare someone pretty badly.  So badly, in fact, that not only do they A. run, but also B. forget how to drive.  To the homeowner's credit, he sounded like he was fully prepared to repel boarders and was fortunate that they abandoned all hope when they realized this.  Other good news is that because he chose to defend his home, no one found out what the BGs' plans were with those bats and that machete.


  1. One can always assume that an intruder with a Machete is not there to do good things.

  2. Good on him, that machete cuts the Tueller drill to a REAL short interval...

  3. Yeah, if I see a machete 21 feet is out the window.