Saturday, June 18, 2011

MORE range time

I've been trying to really hit the range more, so even though we spent a full day at it last week, I scheduled time with another buddy to get out again.  We went out just for the morning and worked on some basics.  I just got back a little bit ago and probably still smell like a migrating wildebeest.  In case you aren't aware, it's freaking hot in June in Texas at 10 in the morning.  This friend is a relatively new shooter and has already gotten himself a pretty good collection going.  Most importantly, he is eager to learn and wants to know how to do things correctly and safely.  We sighted in his red dot, then worked on carbine skills and handgun.  He has a nice little Springfield XDm in 9mm.  While I appreciate Springfield's effort to provide a full package with a holster and mag holders, that holster has to be the most horrible thing for a new shooter to deal with.  Anyways, he has another one and I had him switch out pretty immediately.
Turning money into sound

And mag changes

So, we did all of that.  I got in a little time myself.  In full geek regalia.  The MHI shirt is a tip of the hat to Larry Correia.  The boonie was a lesson learned from last week.  I got a lot of sun, even with sunscreen.

Hey, Sun.  Get up off Mah neck!

Not a bad day at all.
Even if I'd missed horribly, a day at the range is still not a bad day.  Not at all.


  1. Nice.

    I need to get down and shoot some more.

  2. Yeah, I've been happy with the amount of time I've gotten in, but my wallet sure hasn't.