Monday, April 8, 2013

New Breed of Poodle - The Perret?

Or maybe the Foodle?

I'm sorry, but if you're going buy a "poodle" at a market for that kind of dough and you can't tell the difference between a weaselly, slinky ferret and a poodle puppy, then you deserve what you get.

The 'Brazilian rat' was fed steroids at birth and groomed so that it resembled a toy poodle

On the other hand, props to the seller for putting in the time to primp up a ferret like that.  I don't know what that would be like, but it had to be a rodeo.  It also seems like a whole lot of work pumping steroids and primping a ferret for a little payoff.  The article also mentioned a lady that bought a "chihuahua" ferret.  I'm kind of upset there wasn't a picture of that one.


  1. Another rat with hair... sigh

    1. I know, NFO. This is almost too literally a rat with hair.