Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Letting them prove your point

It's not really an easy thing to do, but when you do it you should seize the moment.

This right here may seem like just proving a point and maybe that's how it started.  However, what it turned into was shining the light on a blatant hypocrite in addition to having an opponent take your exact position without realizing it.

So, basically Rep. Mike Leara of Missouri sponsored a bill that would make it a felony punishable by four years in prison to introduce legislation restricting gun rights.

Now, here is the beautiful part:

Democratic Rep Stacey Newman called Rep Leara's proposed legislation "unconstitutional" and she would go directly to prison if the bill passes.  Do you fully recognize the beautiful, burning irony of what she just said?  Could it be possible that she said this on purpose?  I don't know that a politician would make such a quote-worthy statement on purpose.  So, our crowd are the extremist freaks when we say we may choose to ignore an unconstitutional law.  I think I know why.

Their principles are more well-intentioned than ours.  They care more, so their vague idea of what is unconstitutional trumps our actual amendment IN the Constitution.  If I were Rep. Leara, I'd be waylaying my opponent with the irony of her hypocrisy.


  1. LOL, yep and the karma bites with this one!!!

  2. Yes, they do care more, so much more that they, for our benefit, want to think for us, vote for us, over-ride our wishes...we are so lucky to have them.

  3. You're right, NFO, Karma can be a B

    Agirl, I can feel the sarcasm. :)

    Sorry, it's been so long. Been out of touch.

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