Thursday, January 10, 2013

Georgia defense shooting 911 call released

And, oh my goodness.  I just posted on this self-defense shooting.  Well, more was released today.  That Guy and I were discussing this via text over lunch and it sent chills through us both.  This is a worst nightmare scenario.  Of course, the mother defending her 9 year-old twins is facing a horrific decision.  Meanwhile, the father is on the phone with her and I'm sure he is feeling like he wishes he could teleport to her.  I have to give him credit for his calm resolve and instruction to the wife.  He is on with 911 relaying what is going on while he is one with his wife.  I'd very much rather be giving my wife instructions over a 911 operator in that situation.  Kudos to them both and I wish her the best in her recovery.  She will need some time to heal from having to do this.

This is worth a listen.

You'll have to turn up the audio on that one, but it is the full call and the neighbor as well.

This one has better audio, but it is a lot of reporting and only a little of the call.  In this report, an officer explains how the guy broke down multiple doors to get to where the wife was.  Very little else was disturbed.  That makes me very happy she had a gun ready for him.

Here are some of the highlights:

"Just remember everything I showed you, everything I taught you, alright?"

That's something you should be able to say.  If you can't, get to the range ASAP.

"If he opens that door, you shoot him, you understand?"

No question, good instructions.

It goes on and I'll just let you listen, since no one can do it justice in print.  I can't emphasize enough how important it is to get to the range and practice.  Just as important are things you can do at home.  Show and explain manipulation of the firearm and practice getting it into play (especially important if a gunvault is involved).


  1. I'm glad that actually got SOME media time. Too often such acts that save a family are ignored.

    A women in my former town was beaten to death by a hammer in her home while her kids were in the next room. I think about that as I check where my firearm is as I go to sleep at night.

    1. Sadly, I hear the reporter say "national attention," but when I Google it, I don't get a lot of stories. I know it was running on the 24/7 TV networks. Teach and train everyone of age in the house on the use of your defense weapons. Next, get a semi-auto with a larger magazine. On occasion, I have Mrs. 45er go through the drill on getting to the closest firearm in the room. I can deal with coming home to some possessions missing, but if the family is home I want to know that a bad guy will get ended quickly.

  2. Thanks for posting these 911 calls. This can happen anywhere ! I sit in the middle of a secluded rural farm and about a week ago, at 3:01 am, someone "tested" our front door. My eldest son and I were both up. I had a toothache, and my son couldn't sleep. When we heard the door, we both reached for weapons. When I audibly locked the top lock, which for some reason was unlocked, the person ran. Had he entered the house, my son or I would have shot him. The police believe it to be one of a couple of illegal timberers who were overnighting at a property within a distance of here.
    This was a good thing because a.) now the police have someone else to watch for local robberies. b.) my son and I have never discussed how we would proceed if we both were on scene armed at the same moment. We had a chance to have this dialogue now. c.)We were unable to wake my husband, and this will need to be considered in future night emergencies or even evacuations. d.) Until now, we have always placed attention on our farm road in here, camera, gates, driveway alarm. We never considered that someone would walk in through the forest. We now have contingencies for that rare possibility.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jane. I know quite a few people, mostly women that have come to me for some help in arming themselves. I think it is one of the only ways to truly defend yourself in a situation llike this. I can't stress the importance of mental preparation before the fact and support after.

  3. Still freaks me out to listen to.

    Just... Damn.

    1. i know, me too. Hopefully, it can be a wake up call to those that would just buy a gun and just hand it to their spouse. Training and support are critical.